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Our Kinder Curriculum is Here!

Lady Lulu

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Your curriculum looks great! Isn't it exciting to begin this journey?


BTW, we have a 6.5 year old First Grader and 4.5 year old twin Pre-K'ers -- all girls. I know the workload. ;) And the joys. :001_smile:


Here's my crew via emoticons:


:Angel_anim: Sa (Sarah)


:willy_nilly: Ha (Hannah)


:willy_nilly: Ma (Mary)


:svengo:Mama (that's me)


Oh, and my dear husband. :biggrinjester: He's a clown. He keeps us laughing. :001_wub:

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It looks great! Congrats! I tried leaving a comment, but you don't have a choice for name and website, which is what I like to do. :001_smile:


We are going to be doing Singapore Earlybird and switching to MM also. We LOVE Artistic Pursuits and plan to use at least the K-3 books. The girls are always elated when I tell them we are doing a lesson from AP.

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My husband is getting the wood together to make a picnic table from one of Ana White's plans. I love, love the table you made! (and I just added your blog to my already overwhelming google reader line up :D)


I have one starting kindergarten in the fall, it really is exciting.

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