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Christopherus Curriculum

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I just found out about this curriculum. I can't tell much from the few sample pages. It looks like it gives a lot more in math and la than Oak Meadow does, but just a few ideas for science and art, etc..


I'd love to buy both programs and combine them, but that is not a possibility for us at the moment.


Has anyone here used Christopherus and can tell me more about the guide?


What I like about Oak Meadow is that it tells you what to study, but then let's you pick and choose. With OM, we will supplement LA and Math.


Any help is appreciated.

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I have used Christopherus for Gr. 1 and OM for K. Christopherus is pure Waldorf. It is not as detailed as OM as far as lesson plans. In the book that I had, it gave you the stories for the letters and numbers and gave you general ideas on how to schedule it but for the most part you were on your own. I don't know if this is how the older grades are set up or not. I think there is a separate science book and form drawing book which is why there isn't that much in the Grade books.


I really liked Christopherus. I have seen a few Waldorf curriculums and Christopherus was the better of them. It is more detailed and gives you ideas on how to present the material.

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