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I've used Singapore Math since 3rd grade for DS1 who is going into 8th grade now. He completed NEM1 last year and did well in it. We like the format. I was reading over some reviews recently and saw one on RR that I don't remember reading before. I'll quote it here:


"Compared to Saxon, NEM begins introducing algebraic concepts earlier, generally includes more complex geometry problems, and covers more trigonometry. However, Saxon’s Algebra 2 course covers a wider variety of topics, including polar coordinates, imaginary and complex numbers, and logarithms. In Algebra 2, students must solve 3 by 3 systems of linear equations, while NEM only covers 2 by 2 systems. Also, NEM is extremely weak in coordinate graphing. The slope-intercept method of graphing lines is also not covered. Instead, students graph equations by plotting points from an x-y chart. Systems of equations are primarily solved by algebraic manipulation; graphical interpretations are not emphasized."


So, my question is why would NEM not cover 3x3 systems? I can kind of understand not teaching slope intercept form. I would assume they teach the how you get to slope intercept, and then the students would intuitively use what they learn for future solutions. But, why leave out 3x3 and also why not work with graphical interpretations of systems of equations?


I feel like there has to be a reason here, and I'm just too inexperienced to know what it is. Do you know if this review is accurate? Are these things omitted? If so, is it a problem or is there a bigger picture out there that causes this program to still be successful.


Thanks in advance.

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my hunch is that it is because singapore goes on to use college math in the last two years of high school that i suspect will cover the 3 x 3 and more.... we aren't there yet, so i haven't looked at it.


i think the piece that works well for us and makes it such a successful program is that NEM (and the earlier singapore) helps teach us how to "think" about math, rather than just how to do it, and then that approach carries over into all math. we have just ordered discovery math as well, to use as back up for those things we need more help with.




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This is being discussed on the Singapore Math forum as well.



I agree the thinking before doing is why I like Singapore math so much. I was considering switching to Jacobs Algebra. I believe he has a similar approach. But you lose the interconnected approach.


Can you tell me a little about the Discovery Math? What would some of the college math be that comes after NEM?

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Check out this post...scroll down to the last thread. Maybe Singapore covers these topics in the College Math series?




I think you would still need to tackle the slope-intercept earlier because I'm pretty sure it will show up on standardized tests.




P.S. OT...what was the name of that pasta salad dressing...Hendrickson's? ;)

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Yes, I'm getting that idea from some replies I've gotten over on the Singapore board. They went REAL deep REAL quick on me. Going to have to get me a Coke Zero before I try to jump in with those ladies! :)

Thank you for your link. I had not seen that, and hadn't given thought to going further in Singapore. But, sounds like there are options. Definitely the road less traveled though.


The dressing from today was just the Kraft Raspberry Vinaigrette, but the one Teresa mentioned is called Hendrickson's. Really enjoyed our visit with you. We'll have to do it again very soon.

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