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Scheduling for Easy Grammar Plus

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I have a 7th-grader who will be using Easy Grammar Plus this fall. I wanted to share the schedule I came up with since there seems to be a scarcity of information about this and I could possibly save someone else the headache of figuring it out. Also, I would love to have feedback from people who have done this before. Did I schedule too much per week? I scheduled about 2 pages per day (and by "page," I mean one side of a page that is printed front and back). I used this lovely Donna Young form to lay it out, which was very helpful.



Easy Grammar Plus Scheduling


Prepositions 37 pages, plus one-page test=38 pages=4 weeks

Verbs 73 pages, plus six-page test=79=8 weeks

Nouns 34 pages, plus 4-page test=38 pages=4 weeks

Interjections & Conjunctions & Adjectives 29 pages plus 6-page test=35=4 weeks

Sentences 9 pages=1 week

Adverbs 32 pages, plus 6-page test=38=4 weeks

Pronouns 43 pages, plus 7-page test=50=5 weeks

Punctuation 25 pages, plus 1-page test=26=3 weeks

Capitalization 19 pages, plus 1-page test=20=2 weeks


Grand Total of 35 weeks of work

This does not include time for the 8-page pre-test and post-test.

Note: one page equals one side of a page that is printed front and back

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I just had dd do three pages a day, each day we were home, until she finished the book. We didn't do the tests (they hadn't been "invented" yet, back when we did it, lol).

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