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Trig- Precalc questions

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I was just wondering as curriculum is already decided...


When I was in high school, my junior year I took a class called Trig/EA. Now it was also the year I moved. My previous school was a wonderful class of students who all helped each other. I didn't know anyone who drank. I made really good grades, but didn't have any idea about class rank. So we move the summer between junior and senior year.. No one helps anyone because you might jeopordize your class rank. People are separated by hundredths of a point. This school is better in some ways because this is where I took Latin. She was AWESOME. We had a giant club and she taught 5 full classes every year, all the national merit semifinalists came from her classes ( normally had 8 to 10 a year. I only got commended. I was one of the stupid ones...) . ( Once again, I knew nothing at all about this test until I moved. I did no prep as I didn't know I was taking it or what it was for.) Keg parties were rampant...But I digress..

My son is doing Precalculus with Chalkdust. Is that the same as trig?? I decided not to take Calculus my senior year because I knew I didn't need it as a music major and needed room for choir, show choir, and drama. So was is the difference between all of those maths?? Not that I will probably understand the explanation... Sigh.. I loved math until we moved. I just felt so isolated and alone that year that math fell by the wayside....



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Precalculus is a combination of college algebra and trigonometry. Sometimes the college algebra part is called Algebra III.


I didn't like the Larson textbook for Precalculus (used it with my oldest) and didn't care for the videos either. I'm switching to Lial's Precalculus for my middle dd.


Can you tell us why you didn't like Larson's text and videos (Chalkdust?)





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The videos were extremely long. My dd would have been willing to watch a 15-20 minute video, but many of the videos were 45-60 minutes.


I didn't think the explanations in the book were very good. The videos might have made up for that, but my dd couldn't stand to watch them.


I bought the cheaper videos that Dana Mosley did for Houghton-Mifflin and the quality was very poor. I understand that this isn't the case for actual Chalkdust videos. I had a lot of problems with the sound disappearing and the videos skipping.

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