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Spelling programs questions


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It's that time again, where I think I am set on using something then I start questioning whether or not I should....


I was originally planning on using Spelling Power for my 3rd grader. I am wondering if this will be the best fit.


Any posts out there comparing different programs like AAS, Spelling Power, Spelling Workout? I realize what may work for my dd may not work for kid 2, 3, or 4. :tongue_smilie:


All I have about my dd is that we did Rod and Staff Spelling by Sound and Structure in 2nd and it was very easy and not at all challenging. She seems like a natural speller but still too soon to tell.


If I can throw in one more question....if I did go with Spelling Power, would you recommend the loose leaf edition?



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ITA--Spelling by Sound and Structure. Second and third grades *are* simple, which is as it should be. Fourth grade and up...hold onto your hats. :-) The word lists aren't terribly difficult, but the assignments are challenging.

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