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Where to buy main lesson books?


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I'm not sure what main lesson books are. If you mean places that sell textbooks and books of use/interest to homeschoolers (and other educators) then a lot of people use Rainbow Resource. I've never heard of the one you posted.


Main lesson books are a Waldorf term. They are special blank books; different sizes are used for different grades; they have really high quality paper.


From back when I hung out with a lot of Waldorf folk, I do remember Paper, Scissors, Stone as being a supplier. We also used to do group buys from Mercurius (I think there's a minimum order, but the individual items might be less expensive) - I know they have main lesson books, and also all the beautiful art supplies and anything else Waldorf you might want.

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Oh! Well I learn something new everyday. ;)


:D Just to sate your curiousity, here's a link to what they look like - you can get all different kinds.


FWIW, I bailed on most things Waldorf before my kids got old enough to use a main lesson book - I just hung around enough to know what they are and what they're for. :) We did a Waldorf/Enki inspired coop till they were in 3rd grade, but that was pretty much all the "extras" and not the main lesson stuff - just lots of wet-on-wet watercolor, beeswax modeling, circle games, beanbag math games, storytelling, recorder, finger and needle knitting... oops, sorry, took a sudden turn down memory lane... :tongue_smilie:

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