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Pls help me pick a "spine" for MARR

Roxy Roller

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I am driving myself crazy and I am hoping that you can help me.


We are moving into the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation in the fall, and I can't make up my mind which spine to use. I will be mainly using it with my 4th to 7th Graders.


Here are the ones that I have looked at, but I think I have decided against. Although if you have a good argument, I will revisit them.


Story of the World 2/3 - Bauer

Mystery of History 2/3

Kingfisher History of the World - I have the white and the red.


I am not sure about the following:


Story of the Middle Ages - Miller/Guerber

Story of the Renaissance and Reformation - Miller/Guerber

Middle Ages - Mills

Renaissance and Reformation Times - Mills

Our Island Story - Marshall

This Country of Ours - Marshall

Story of the Thirteen Colonies - Guerber

Story of Liberty - Coffin


I also have Famous Men of the Middle Ages and Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation, but I don't want to use them as a spine, they will be used for enrichment. I will also be having my DD outline/rewrite from various books as we go.


I really want to find a spine that will 'be enough', meaning, if we don't do anything but read and narrate when things get busy, we will not suffer. Although I am planning to add additional books and literature.


We are evangelical protestants, if that makes any difference.


Thanks in advance,

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Streams of Civilization volume 1 perhaps? It's not flashy or fun, but it gets the job done.


Last time we did medieval we just used the VP cards and their priority 1 resources, resisted the urge to modify texts, barely touched the TM, but added mapwork and literature. We had a great year.


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We're studying ancients this year and we're using the Dorothy Mills books as spines. I haven't seen her MA or RR books but I think they could work for what you want, if they are like the ancients books. They are not religious though. But you could add in that with a few other books (the Withrow series, 100 Most Important Events in Church history, etc.) 


I think her writing style is good, it's clear and covers a lot of content. Your 7th grader could read it independently but you might want to read aloud to your 4th grader. I do a mix of both with my daughter (5th grade). I'll read longer sections out loud and then have her read shorter sections. We're liking the ancients book and I plan to continue with her books next year.

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