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Need help with MegaWords Placement


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Hey there! I checked the other threads with similar titles and couldn't find the answer I am looking for :001_huh:


I bought MegaWords 1 for my daughter. She is 12 and has some trouble spelling some words, but is usually more of a natural speller. She tested right out of it ... blew it out of the water. (So now I have to sell a completely unused curriculum on the For Sale board. Again.)


Google searches have brought up nothing as far as placement tests go. I would hate to buy MW2 and have her test right out of that only to have to sell it and buy level 3. Meanwhile, she doesn't have a spelling program to do until I find the correct level of MW for her to be working on.


Can someone help me with placement in MegaWords?


Is there a list somewhere of the words that are on the Check Tests for each level? If I had seen the list of words for MW1 before I bought it, I wouldn't have even wasted my time.

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