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You guys always come through...so here we go again. Trying to get next years materials settled kinda gotta file with the state soon and gee they normally like to have something down! :)


DD (7) is way advanced in the language portion of life. Math ummmm really NOT happening. We tried Math Mammoth, Horizons, Singapore (this year)...she's NOT getting math at all. Has a major mental block. WHAT do I do this year for 2nd grade math?


Look at Saxon? Another program? Relax, read math books, play with manipulatives. Rightstart? But from what I see that's pricey and boy with husband unemployed that's not in our budget. What would you wise people suggest? I know it took me awhile when I was in school for math to click...so I'm hoping she's the same!:001_smile:



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Rightstart is what made math click for Rebecca (like yours, advanced in LA, not in math). I feel your pain on the unemployed DH though. Check out the for sale board and see if you can find it there?


We also use CLE for math. It's not well-loved by the conceptual crowd, but it's solid and gets the job done. And it's inexpensive.

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