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which science explore bk cover chem

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i wanted for gr.7 do use science explorer books for our chem study with thames 3000 kit. is chemical interactions and chemical building blocks the only chem related books?

i will add in" hands on chem activitiers book" for real life gr.8-12 to stretch either 6 month or 1 year study depending on son's inerst level.also im looking living books,

oh i live overseas and cant figure out how to order used copies of elements series. any suggestions. i tried in vain with amazon and googling grolier. i want to add in chem books as well to enrich our study


mariss, canadian expat in doha, qatar

ps my friend uses calvert and is selling me her old science explorer books

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i was going to do a yr chem study or maybe a half year with other half being physics. with thames c3000 kits and thames kosmos physics kits.

do you think prentice hall's science explore would work as spine? what science explorer books deal with physics?

i will also supplement reading with bios, non fiction bks that deal chem/physic matters and joy hakim's science books.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated



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