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Unit Study on Weather?


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You could use any all of the following:


Book Ideas:


  • Nim's Island is a great book for hurricane/typhoon type weather as well as Volcano.
  • My Side Of The Mountain is great for winter style weather
  • Arabella is a picture book that deals with a summer storm
  • Katy's Big Snow is another picture book dealing with winter weather
  • The Evolution Of Caprina Tate is summer weather and loaded with nature stuff {fair warning it mentions Darwin, but neither agrees or disagrees with his stance.. it's simply a banned book within in the book that a character happens to own}
  • What Will The Weather Be is a terrific Read & Find Out Science Book
  • Flash Crash Rumble & Roll is another Read & Find Out Science Book
  • Snow is Falling is another Read & Find out Science Book {we love these, can you tell??}
  • The Cloud Book by Tommie DePaolo


That should get you started anyway! :D

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Hey, I can recommend a couple of great books as supplements, particularly for your younger child: On the Same Day in March: A Tour of the World's Weather and DePaola's The Cloud Book. (I've had those on my wish list at Amazon for ages, because I liked the copies we checked out from the library so much. Now I see that they're both part of the 4-for-3 promotion!)


Whoops, and now I see that The Cloud Book was recommended by the previous poster, too. How did I miss that?

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