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University of Memphis Aleks Math Placement Test

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Hey Everyone,


This being my first post I would like to say hello to everyone out there on this forum and thank you in advance for any help you might be willing to give, and know that I will in return help you all that I can.


So my question is,

I have just graduated from Highschool and I am preparing to make my college journey and achieve my degree in computer engineering. I am attending the University of Memphis and they ask that I take an ALEKS math placement test. Math is not my high point in academic success but i will do all i can to succeed. It's pretty much a necessity that I make it into Cal 1, but in order to do that I must pass this placement test. To anyone who has taken this test, any advice on what to study would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks!! :)

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If you are serious about being placed into Cal I, you can use the aleks program itself to study. Go to ALEKS.com and select the version for parents and home schoolers. The program will give you a two week trial before offering to charge @ $20.00 a month. The program will give you an option of picking various class levels from elementary to college courses. Pick the class that is appropriate for you. It will give you an assessment test to find out where you should start within the program you choose. Then, just practice. It will test you every 2 weeks or so. You might be able to increase the testing schedule. I think you can request an assessment when ever you like. If you don't learn a math skill, it will have you relearn that part of the lesson. It's an awesome program.


My children use it faithfully and they are going to the 6th and 7th grade. I have them enrolled in they appropriate grade level and the program is correlated with the state standards. If you work faithfully and diligently, you will score high on your placement test. Good luck.

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