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Can anyone compare EPGY & CLE Math?

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I've been intent on EPGY math for awhile now, primarily because my dc (dd(K) & ds(2nd)) love Headsprout for reading and seem to thrive on learning via the interactive online environment.


BUT, I have been seeing A LOT of praise for CLE math and my children do well with workbooks as well, so...


Anyone care to share and compare? (That rhymes! :lol:)


Thanks in advance!

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No one replied and we have used both, so here is what I know. We used CLE for 8 years. We only used EPGY for a couple months.


There are polar opposites. CLE has continuous review. EPGY just keeps moving up into higher math. CLE is Christian and EPGY is secular. CLE is workbooks and EPGY is computer-based distance learning. There are probably many more differences that I have failed to mention.


We were torn, like you might be between allowing our daughter progress into higher levels of math (like EPGY) and progressing more gradually but retaining the information (like CLE). In EPGY, students often progress through a grade level in 6 weeks.


A friend of ours used EPGY for her daughter. She progressed quicky into higher math, doing Algebra and Geometry in 3rd or 4th grade. However, she doesn't know how many quarts are in a gallon. But she was never bored of math. It was always challenging to her.


CLE gradually introduces material and constantly reviews prior material so you don't forget it. It is a very good program and our dd has always tested way off the charts in math.


Using both is one alternative. Use EPGY and go way ahead, but use CLE also, so that the early material is retained.


We also had some technical problems with EPGY. Maybe they have straightened them out by now, but it was extremely frustrating for us. And we couldn't get help when we needed it because we were in a different time zone from California.


And the teacher would e-mail a week later with corrections to all the problems you got wrong, but by then, you are way past that and it's really a waste of time. It's a good concept- a computer-based program that automatically adjusts to how the student is doing. However, I don't think there is enough review to use EPGY as a stand-alone program.


It is good for gifted kids who get bored with all the review of a normal program though. It is designed for gifted kids.


Anyway, I highly recommend CLE because kids retain the information. EPGY is good as a supplement, but I wouldn't recommend it as a stand-alone program because there isn't enough review, IMHO.

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Using both is one alternative. Use EPGY and go way ahead, but use CLE also, so that the early material is retained.
I'm curious what early material you think needs to be retained that isn't used in the higher maths and sciences? I hope Bill doesn't see this, but K-6 math isn't rocket science. :tongue_smilie: If a child has a solid (and I mean *solid*) understanding of fractions, decimals, percents and ratios/proportions performed with and without units and a smattering of geometry, what else do they need? Imperial unit conversions can easily be looked up (or done as memory work if you think it's important enough), time is integral to everyday life and in science, as is measuring, etc.


I don't know if EGPY would be a good fit for the OP's children; for more lively and varied responses she may want to ask on the K8 and Accelerated boards. :001_smile:

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I appreciate the comparison between the two curriculum's and I think I will post this question in the accelerated boards. My dc are pretty mathy and get new concepts quickly, but I do want them to have the rote stuff solid. I was mathy growing up and went all the way thru Calculus because I really understood the math, but to this day I don't know my 8 & 7 multiplication tables off the top of my head! I do not want my kids to deal with gaps like that.


Thank you again!

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