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All OKies . . . Be Weather Aware TODAY!!!

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Hey Everyone~


FYI. . . We are under SEVER weather conditions. Some of the schools in OKC are letting out right now. Just a reminder to:


Have plenty of bottled water

Have some non-perishables

Charge cell phones

Unplug electronics

Have a safe location ready to go into

Call a friend to let them know where your safe place is


Stay Safe!

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It's getting ugly out! Last night I took pictures from my backyard of a tornado north of us. We can see for miles from on top of our hill. I hope that we don't have another close call today.

Hunkered down and watching for Gary...

Be safe!

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Hello friends ~


Hope everyone is OK. Several members of our co-op sustained damage and some had neighbors who lost everything. We had some tense moments as the tornado was heading straight for us; thankfully it turned suddenly about four miles before it would have hit.


Many people are hurting tonight having lost loved ones and trying to come to grips with the devastation. Please pray for them and a precious three year old boy named Ryan who is still missing.


Thanks to those who sent sent thoughts, prayers and :grouphug:.


Good Night,



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