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Hs'ing with a 3yo


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Can I borrow Adrian? My 7yo and I usually end the day with cleaning the playroom but his attitude is poor. He usually exclaims, "Why did he have to get every toy out of its bin?" Maybe he needs a good example.


:) ... he loves to play teacher too! He is always showing his brother how to do things. He tries to teach him to clean up too ;). Don't get me wrong, he does have his moments but lately he has been doing things like this on his own initiative more and more so he gets lots of praise for it. He is a considerate little guy and loves his brother to pieces. I told him once, if you want your brother to be your best friend for life then you have to treat him well. I guess he took it to heart ;).


Dh and I thought it was hilarious but I did need to re-explain the properties of a Sharpie vs. a washable marker.


:lol: Yep, there's always something to be learned with experiences like this :lol:!

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OMG - so many awesome ideas on here!!! http://www.realfunhomeschool.com/2012/01/joy-homeschooling-with-little-one.html


Here is a link to my blog when I describe a day in the life of my little one.

I can totally relate to the OP here. My little guy is also very full of energy. I laugh when I hear how some little ones just sit quietly on mom's lap or play near their feet (maybe I cry instead!) That just isn't my little guy, and never will be.


Can't wait to try out so many of your ideas. I do have to say that I am really glad my little guy (now 3.5 years old) is starting preschool this fall. I am planning on getting TONS of school done with my girls during that time. Someone on here mentioned that there is a good reason preschools are full of little boys!!! :lol:

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I just recently watched/listened to a David Hazell (MFW) talk on youtube about occupying preschoolers. Go to youtube and type in David Hazell to find it. One of my favorite suggestions: put items at the top of the stairs and give your 3yo tasks to do ("go find the blue toy and bring it down here" "great, you found it! now find the red one!") LOL. I think I'll be putting lots of weird items at the top of my stairs for retrieval.

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Another fun idea is to try a cutting box. Get a box big enough to sit in, attach kid scissors with a long piece of yarn to the side, and put things like scrap paper, junk mail, pieces of yarn, old sentence strips, strips of colored paper, etc., in the box.

Kiddo sits and snips in the box, and all the scraps stay there!


Big boxes are great for other kinds of play, of course. Just painting on one can take a half hour--


I think one trick is keeping the little one close by while giving the projects. Then you can get up and down and check on progress more frequently, so big messes stay a bit contained.


Having several activities set up on carpet squares also helps, or you can designate a shelf or another space for tray activities or activities (matching cards, paint chip matching, pouring, polishing silver/shoes, bolt board, lock board, puzzles, clips around a box, matching dog biscuits to their outlines on a posterboard, etc). These activities can be put on a special mat or rug ala Montessori. Have to clean up one before taking another--which limits mess!

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