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Tell me how to clean/disinfect these couches

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They are 15+ years old. Still going strong. They just need a good cleaning. They're fabric. The cushions are just a foam cushion and the backs are separate pillows. I'd be happy if we could just get the cushions super clean as that's what's the worst. They do unzip so I could put the fabric encasing the cushion in the washer...but it seems like the foam wouldn't go back in very easily or nicely and it would make a big mess. What if they didn't unzip...how would you clean fabric couches then?

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Depending on the fabric - I would unzip the top cushions and wash them in the washing machine on delicate (do not dry them - just drape them on things to air dry).

The bottom cushions - if you can zip them off easily then do the same. If they have that "glued-on to the foam" thing going on, then use the furniture attachment on the carpet cleaners from the store.


I have washed my couch in the living room this way probably 10 times and have never had a problem with it.

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One warm summer day my husband took each couch individually and put them into the bathtub... stomped them over and over in water with detergent (the water was filthy) then he took towels on either side and stomped them real good, getting the water into the towels... then aired them out in the sun. This worked very well. We did have to wash all the towels, though. It was worth it.


Other than that... we used the furniture attachment from the carpet cleaners at the store to clean them.

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If the foam is a solid piece, you can wash the covers and just put the covers back on while they are still damp.


If you'd rather leave the covers on, you could take them outside and hose them off with a little soap and leave them on their side to dry in the sun, flipping them in the middle of the day.


We've washed couches using both ways.


The other thing you could do, is take a damp cloth and surface wipe them down, but then the dirt and stuff just goes through the fabric to the foam.

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It depends on the type of fabric the covers are. Usually its best to hand wash the covers and put them back on when they are still the slightest bit damp so that they stretch back into shape.


With foam cushions that old though, the slightest bit of moisture may squish or skew them, same as if you put them in the sun for the disinfecting UV rays, they may disintergrate (sp?)


Its a very very grey area over what to do, the possibility of a steam clean is an option whilsts its all together,


I believe there are dry foam cleaners meant for couches etc that bring up the dirt and disinfect and then once the foam has popped/dissipated, you vacuum the couch.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help. We usually just get another 2nd hand couch lol.:lol:

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