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Are Writing Tales and CW Aesop basically the same thing?


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Generally speaking, are these two writing programs the same? They appear to be, with slight variations (the creative aspect of WT seems to be a unique spin on rewriting a fable).


After WT 2 a student can go to CW Homer, right?


Any advantage to choosing one over the other if we "hope" (I may completely bomb this thing) to stay with CW? Admittedly, I think Homer will kill me based upon reviews. But, I'm feeling pretty brave these days and I'm tentatively planning on attempting it :D.


The author of WT recommends 3rd or 4th grade as a good starting point for Writing Tales. Do you agree?



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The concept is the same but they are still two different curriculums.

The CW seems very in depth compared to Writing Tales 1&2.

I would see it not working so well for us. I had a look at the program and for me it looked to be very dry and boring, and with having my two oldest fight me on writing CW would of been a total bomb here.


Writing Tales has children use all of their senses using the program. It has them using their sight, hearing, and its hands on with games.

So if you have a struggling writer, like I did. Then WT's would be a much better fit for that. Or if you enjoy teaching using different ways of teaching. It was very well worth it for us to go this route because my oldest just was fighting me tooth and nail when it came to writing.


Now if you have a child that enjoys writing, is a natural writer then CW maybe the best way to go.


Either way you can't go wrong.


I agree that WT would be good for a 3rd/4th grader. You could get away with a 2nd grader but you would most likely have to work slowly through it unless , again you have a child that really enjoys to write.

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then transition to CW Homer. We loved WT. My daughter was mostly independent with it which I LOVED!!!! After WT 2, we transitioned to Homer A. I've been fearful, but we took the plunge a couple months ago and so far it's going fine. It's more challenging for me, because I have to be involved a lot, but my dd is doing fine with it so far. But we're just starting....it's getting more challenging. But since I hear that it gets easier after Homer and produces great results I'm determined unless it becomes unbearable:)


The tip I read here that has helped me the most with Homer is to not worry about reading the core book 1st....it's overwhelming. We just open up to the student book and follow what it says....just reading the core as assigned. And I bought the teacher guide for answers. HTH some:) Gina


P.S. My plan with my 2nd child is to do WT 1 in 3rd, WT2 in 4th, and start Homer in 5th.

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Thanks for chiming in. You signature also mentions WWE. How are you using both of them? We're just starting WWE2 and will hopefully accelerate somewhat because he is more than capable. I'd love to hear how you are meshing both without doing too much.... :001_smile:

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We just finished WT2 with my 5th grader and she LOVED it. I was going to use Writing Strands next year, but I don't know where to place her. I have also looked at Writing With the Best and am thinking about starting there. I vetoed Homer because it just looks too overwhelming to me. Is it less overwhelming when you have it in your hands?




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