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Finally have my DD Diagnosis-aspergers

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Well...I figured it was PDD. I had no idea she met enough criteria for aspergers...but guess I was wrong. I was a bit shocked with the full test results and kind of unsure what to do next.


Her IQ prior was 137 when tested 2 years ago and now they are stating it is 103. I think it is a bit drastic of a drop...even though these test scores on the Woodcock Johnson III are all way over her grade level...she is 10 and these are average 8 grade level...all of them...they are about from 5.7-13.0 She didnt test to have any LD.


She tested high anxiety...which I knew. Reading this report is hard since there are so many different tests...and it reads she is very superior in some and high academic in range, yet the combination of SRS Social Perception subtests changes those scores a lot. I didnt realize how the emotional-social changes the score results. I thought they had been kept separate for a total picture.


Either way, it is nice to have it all laid out in front of me. I think the biggest issue I see right now as far as academics is that she has problems with inferences and as we are getting into question in books that make inferences and high school...that is a lot of work. I am starting to see that now when books ask if xyz then what next or what could be an effect. I know Jr/HS depend a lot on figuring out what is next or relating ideas. I think that is the huge shift from elementary to jr high.


This is my dd that is in school. She is in a private school so we are meeting with them and the psychologist as they came up with a ton of ideas and issues...they also stated a certain type of teacher she would really benefit from....so hopefully that will help the school figure out her placement next year.


She is suggesting lots of group work...there are so many recommendations here...a bit overwhelming. I guess I will be researching more and more. I think my main goal right now is her anxiety as it has gotten worse over the past few months. She has a tummy ache every day again with neck pain now and headaches. Poor thing.

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Who did the test that confirmed it? My dd has high anxiety also, and she is seeing a cog. behavior therapist. He had all of us fill out very detailed questionaires when we first started, and it showed the different areas that she had problems with. Anxiety is her biggest problem area, she also has OCD, and some depression. Because of some of her behaviors, I have always wondered about Asperger's, but I would think that he would have discovered it by now, right???


Sorry to bombard you with questions when you are going through this; it's been on my mind a lot lately.

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My dd just had started OT to work on dealing with the ocd and other similar issues...and the insurance told me if I had her diagnosed anywhere on the spectrum it would be covered 100%. So...I decided to go ahead and take her in. I took her to a psychologist that did neuropsychological, psychological and psychoeducational testing. The insurance paid for all of it. I was shocked.

Mine is 10 yo. It is my understanding that many families dont get diagnosis until later ages...but more families are getting diagnosed with autism earlier. I know mine has always had social issues, very OCD and a perfectionist.

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My DS was diagnosed with Asperger's in February, so we have been down a similar path. He also had a high iq and acheivement results, coupled with high anxiety. I am not a testing or diagnosing professional, but after 2 years of figuring this all out, I have never had someone say that the anxiety negates an iq. Now, his ability to access that iq can be constrained by the anxiety, but after 3 months of CBT, it is SO much better! In fact, I had multiple professionals say "Yes, he has weaknesses from the Asperger's but his strengths are HUGE". Also, one psychologist, was very emphatic that he be treated as an exceptional child and not overly focus on the autism. Yes, we do CBT and social skills groups, but he also did his first math competition and won! I hope you can be encouraged by her strengths and that the interventions you choose will help her reach her strengths. Peace-:grouphug:

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I want to hug you. I just went through all of this with my DS 13. The diagnosis was a relief, oddly enough. The label wasn’t a relief but being able to identify how he is wired and having an understanding, was a burden lifted. His depression and the constant bullying at PS is the reason I am now a homeschooling mom. I am glad to hear that her school is being open and helpful. That isn’t always the case, sadly.

Now our adventure begins…

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