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If you were any one of the THREE cordless phones in my house, where would you be?

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Forget all those suggestions. Come over here and hunt through DD's entire wardrobe (on her floor), a big load of towels (also on her floor), and her past due homework (also on her floor).


I guarantee that you will find your phone. That's where I always find a couple of mine. :D There might be gold under there, too; you just never know.

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I found one of them - on top of the microwave. No idea still as to where the other 2 are. This phone set does not a "locate botton" like our last set. I am convinced that, despite the cost, it would be worth buying a new set, just in the time I would save having to look for the actual phones!

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Under the couch

under the bed

in the laundry room

in the fridge (yes, I did that once)

the bathroom

on top the refrigerator (my husband does that, and I'm short, so I can't see it there)

the toy box (Owen did that, twice)

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I bet your kids' toys stole them so they could call their cell phones so your kids would play with them. :D After watching that movie, certain children in my house decided their toys did lots of stuff they weren't supposed to.:glare:


In all seriousness, I always lose stuff in the couch cushions

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A surprisingly large number of missing things in this house end up down the back of the dishwasher, I don't know why because its pretty inaccessible. I seem to fish things out at least once or twice a week. So maybe around appliances you use regularly and can put stuff on.


Either that or in the couch or in the fridge.


The other place I often find things is on top of the books in book cases and they sort of get pushed into the shadowy depths of the shelf.

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I know where all 3 are.


Off the hook, my 3yr old DS having called the emergency number.


Yep, it has happened before. I found the phone, told him not to play with it, and next thing I know the police are at my front door....took an hour for them to believe me, including them investigating the one milli-second he was "out of my sight" in order for him to grab the phone. And a big grand tour of my messy house and introductions to my other 2 kids before they would leave, and they still left looking suspicious.




He's called many people over the years, all in the effort of trying to speak to daddy. We're in Aus though so the emergency number is 000 which is located enticingly at the bottom of the phone between two pretty symbols.

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