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History for 8,11 almost 17 yo.

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My 11th grader has a solid grasp of history. So does my rising 6th grader. My 3rd grader is addicted to SOTW and listens to it every morning for fun.


I want to do history together. We haven't since the fire and I miss those round the living room discussions and debates- really miss them. Especially as the high schooler is doing so much independently.


I got really jazzed a couple of weeks ago about the thread on doing history for the modern age by decade. LOVE that. But would it be too depressing for the littles?

And I am doing SOTW Act. Guide IV with 11 and 8 yo but the 8 year is getting her grits cooked trying to keep up with the notetaking.


What to do? Any great ideas that would challenge the older two and not leave the 8 yo totally in the dust? Is this an impossible dream?

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Hi Lisa,

Neither of my dc would have enjoyed regular discussion with the youngers, but your family might be different. Have you thought about pairing the 3rd and 6th graders, and then pairing yourself with the 11th grader? (And letting other discussion with all happen naturally in regular conversation.) My dd was 11th grade this past year, and we had some great discussions coming up on adult level. The history brought up questions for her at her level of maturity that would have left a 3rd and 6th grader in the dust. There is a new awareness that comes about late high school that isn't there earlier. She was also swamped with schoolwork, the year we do chemistry and algebra 2 is always busy. She would have killed me if she had to do discussion with a younger sibling on a regular basis! Now, she may have liked directing discussion for the youngers a time or two when she had time, LOL!! (I am just invisioning things, she is my youngest, and four year older brother is in college).


She did read SOTW Modern last year and loved it, it is much more readable than a text. (Did it the last six weeks of 10th grade). She didn't get to it when she read Vol. 1-3 in 7th grade. Maybe the 8 y/o could do the fun activities and the 11 y/o could do the outlines? Dd did the outlines in 10th grade and got a lot out of it. I can see part of SOTW happening as a group, then some individually, 3rd grader doing most activities, 3rd and 6th doing some activities together, 6th and 11th having some discussion together, 6th grader doing all outlines, 11th doing harder work individually.



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What about doing some family time on current events, and the current events & culture of each decade?

For each decade you could:

if not read , look up popular books of the time

watch movies about then

the hits movies of the time

radio programs

Tv shows

Newspapers & magazines



new technology


new foods, fad foods, diets

where did they vacation


scandals- compare Arnold with your decade

News this week- other end of the world dates, 1844,1914,1975


Weave discussions into meal time conversations, your movie nights, recordings in the car.Keep it fun and informal.

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