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Anyone start OM in middle grades?

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I've always thought Oak Meadow looked like a good program but we just never tried it. We are more relaxed in style and have incorporated some "waldorf-ish" (I know any Waldorf people are cringing at this) components into our homeschool in the early years.


Now that we're hitting the middle grades I'm looking for something with a little more structure to keep us on track but not necessarily a daily schedule. We use a mix/match selection of programs now, which is working for us this year (TT, GWG, Writing Skills, Word Roots, world history text, map skills, and variety of reading). But I feel like I want it tied together a little better in the future.


I've read some good reviews for OM middle grades and high school. I've looked at their info on-line and it looks like a good mix of lit and text when needed.


If we haven't followed Oak Meadow's curriculum earlier, will it be harder to start in 7th grade?


Thanks for any thoughts.

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I haven't made it quite that far yet, but we started Oak Meadow in 4th grade and really loved it, so we continued it this year with 5th, and we're moving on to Oak Meadow 6 for next year. Really, I don't see why you couldn't just go ahead and do it!


If you're interested in getting an idea of what Oak Meadow 5 has been like for us so far, you can get an idea here:




(Or the main body of my blog is basically our day to day lives as relaxed homeschoolers using OM).

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We have just made the decision to switch to Oak Meadow this September. We will be starting grade 6. That is exactly why we switched...to make everything a little more cohesive.

This year (grade 5) we've done MCT island and town, WWE, STOW, Rod and staff spelling, RSO chemistry, JUMP math and Life of Fred.


I bought both grade 6 and 7 OM and have been looking through them since they arrived.

From what I can see so far, grade 7 gives the child a lot of independence with the lessons. The history is not broken down into daily lessons but weekly lessons, so the child might need some help planning their week.


There does appear to be a lot of writing assignments but the child is given choices within each assignment.


You might consider joining the Oak Meadow yahoo group.



You can find people there that are using the curriculum at different levels and would surely answer any questions.:001_smile:



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We jumped into om 6 midyear this past year when I realized I was not enjoying wp qma at all. I loved it! OM 6 moved at a perfect pace, had a lot of choices in assignments, lots of writing (a feature IMHO) and didn't try to take over the entire schedule with history. I did not use OM science or math, and I did think the English was light, but the history was spot on.


So, from someone who picked up OM not only at a later grade but literally in the middle of the year (we started with lesson 19) I think it was an easy transition. By the way the OM lessn we started with happened to coincide with where we were chronologically in our other studies. The only catch was at the end of the year when the kids were supposed to review a few topics that we hadnt covered in the other program.



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