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SOTW 3 Lapbook

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I have been searching online for a lapbook for SOTW 3. I found a website that has one for 1 and 2. I am trying to be brave and go ahead and make one myself. I've never really made my own before, any pointers? Anyone else wishing they could find one too? I think I'm going to get the activity guide to use some of the review questions, no sense in reinventing the wheel :).

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I don't think I have run across any specifically for SOTW 3 but we did our own this year with SOTW 3 using a couple combined from Journey Through Learning. I was a little concerned with the minimal coverage of American History so we chose to do the ones for the 17th century 18th century ones which cover those time periods in the US. They also have a civil war one. If you wanted to cover the World History lapbooking SOTW 3 maybe you could at least use those to cover the US and come up with your own ideas to fill in the gaps for the rest of it. The 17th century lapbook is actually the one you get for free when you sign up to receive their newsletter by email so if you want to sign up and get it to check it out for free you could do that. We have used several lapbooks from them and love it.

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Out of curiosity - where did you find lapbook info for SOTW 1 & 2? We just finished The Ancients are starting 2 in the fall - would be interested in that info. Thanks-


You may want to check Biblioplan.net though... they may have them.




Hi Gretchen, the blog I found the lapbooks for sotw 1 and 2 is:




We have been doing a few of the chapters, and my son has really been liking it.


I hope it is something you can use.



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