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Singapore Math Teacher's Manual


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We've been using the Primary Mathematics Standard Edition Level 2 and the Home Instructor's Guide helps explain concepts, in particular multiple ways to analyze a problem. If you just use the textbook, workbook, and the other supplementals, you won't find much discussion on the underlying math theory.


I pick and choose from the HIG when it comes to lessons but overall find it invaluable with the curriculum.

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It shows the parent how to teach a concept in multiple ways. I'm only in 1a, and although I know how to do the problems in the wb and tb, I want my son to understand the concept. After all, that's why I chose Singapore. The HIG accomplishes this for me:)

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What is in it? I've just taught from the textbook so far so I'm wondering how necessary it is.


So, I was hoping someone could tell me what exactly is in the TM?


I have the teacher's manual for a classroom. I have the Home Instructor's Guide (HIG) for homeschoolers. The HIG is much better. It is much more thorough. It offers much more ideas and manipulatives in order to help the child learn. It has solutions to the problems in the workbook and in the textbook.


The teacher's manual is for a classroom. It is more expensive than the HIG and it only has some solutions to the problems. It gives answers, but not a lot of solutions. I prefer HIG as a teacher's assistant better than the Teacher's manual.


Blessings in your homeschooling journey!





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