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How do you run planning software on your Mac?  

  1. 1. How do you run planning software on your Mac?

    • I run Windows on my Mac, but it slows my OS down considerably.
    • I run Windows on my Mac, and have no performance problems as a result.
    • I don't run Windows on my Mac, but use a PC for my HS planning.
    • I run a planning program that is Mac compatible, no Windows required.
    • Other?

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For those of you who are running planning software on a Mac, I have a few questions. Do you run Windows on your Mac? Or do you have a program that is actually Mac compatible? What planning program(s) do you love for your Mac? And which do you hate?



I'm posting the poll, but I know it can't possibly cover every issue. Let me know!

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This is a big bone of contention in our house. My hubby is a dedicated Mac user...I miss my "cheap" programs that ran perfectly well in my old pc. We need to buy a laptop because fight like tasmanian devils over the one computer in the household .


I tried a Mac planner but I haven't been able to make it work. The developer is still working on it and it's had many teething problems. I tried Appleworks to make a "excel" planner but it freezes all the time so I use Open Office behind dh's back. I am now looking at online planners as excel type of planners are not very flexible :tongue_smilie:


I'm told windows on a mac runs better than windows on a pc but it is an added expense.

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I'm slowly shaping Bento to my satisfaction. Between it and google docs, I'll have all my needs covered, and I can access Bento & google docs from my computer, iPad, or iPhone. I've tried a couple of online planners but they end up not being flexible enough for me, so I have never bothered to look closely at HST+

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I gave up on this one awhile back and decided to use a hard copy planner instead. For actual grade keeping next year I am going to use Mariner Calc, which is just like Excel but made only for the Mac. I've created a nice spreadsheet for regular grades that then track progress and a final grade for each subject. With this, I will be able to generate a transcript for each year beginning in 7th grade.


If HST or any other developer ever decides to create a Mac based program I'll happily switch to it, but in the meantime I think what I'm doing is just as thorough and will do the job.




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