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What to use to supplement Singapore after Miquon?

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My dd is now working on Book 5 (Yellow) of Miquon and is about to complete Singapore 3B. We have found that she needs to switch back and forth between programs. When one gets too hard she switches to the other. However, after Miquon I have no idea what to use next. Any suggestions?

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We did Miquon with Singapore. I tried to supplement with Horizons and didn't like it. There was too much review in Horizons. Even with it being nice and colorful, dd got bored with it pretty quickly. My dd needs a break from Singapore every once in a while too. Next year, I think that I'm going to get Singapore Intensive Practice, but a grade behind her current level. I'm getting CWP too.


Another idea is Life of Fred. It might be a little too advanced for your dd. Mine has just finished Singapore Level 4 and is able to do Life of Fred: Fractions. She loves it and we plan to continue to use it as a supplement.

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Definitely Keys to..I wish I had done that. Sonlight recommends Keys to. Namely, the fractions and algebra suppliments are very important....at least, they are the ones we needed most. Look at Sonlights set to see what order they would do it in. I would put off the Keys to algebra until 6A and start it then doing 1-2 books per book set in Singapore. Keys to Fractions I would start when Singapore starts fractions and so on.

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