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Hearing Impairment and foreign language


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My dd has a partial hearing impairment. She often mishears things and pretty much all of our curriculum choices have revolved around these issues.


Problem is..at the homeschool fair, she expressed, again, an interest in a language like Greek, French, or Russian. She liked the books called French in 10 minutes a day and so on.


I think she would have liked Latin if it had not fallen on our face. I bought the DVDs and could not sit through them myself for the program we used.


I am unsure if I should try a different Latin program to see if we can get a new spark (Latin has no verbal or auditory component which is what makes it a good choice) or if I should go ahead and take a break for a while and let her try out something else. I would be more comfy with French than the others because I took french myself, I am just frustrated with the entire thing.


I need to add that she really really wants to go to MIT or Stanford, both of which require 4 years of foreign language to get in.

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I know this only partially relates, but I wanted to share, just in case it may help.


DD had a speech delay that stemmed from her mishearing things (and therefore saying them wrong) and although she was never diagnosed with a hearing impairment, or any other auditory processing problems, it was suggested rather heavily to me that she put off learning a language. However, the school that she attended the next year taught French beginning in Pre-K. She really flourished the next few years in learning the language and for whatever reason, never had an issue with mishearing or even mispronouncing the language.


I realize that this is not the same problem that you are facing, but I guess my point is that you have nothing to lose by trying a foreign language now. Especially since the first couple of years are very, very basic. At the very least, she will be able to read and write

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Latina Christiana or First Start French. If you've tried LC dvd's and failed try it without the dvd's. It's very easy to do without the dvd's. The key to Latin success for us was the flash cards and chants we did EVERY day. We dislked the LC dvd's.

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