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Does anyone use the copywork books by Memoria Press? sm


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I've got them. They are pretty good. Nothing that you couldn't put together yourself if you had a bit of extra time, but that's exactly what they are: a time saver.


Book III has 3 poems, 2 lists (12 tribes of Israel and books of the OT) and the rest are bible verses. They have what is to be copied on the right side along with a square for an illustration. The kids copy the verse on the left side, which is basically just a blank sheet.


The copyright at the front of the book says that no book may be reproduced but with the way this one is set up with the extra sheets, I'd say you are okay with one copy between your two boys.


Book II is a bit different. Instead of the kids just copying onto lines on the left side, the sentences are written out again with a blank line underneath for the children to copy directly under the text. This gives them more help with spacing and sizing of letters. Again, there are 2 poems, 2 lists and the rest are bible verses. There are spare copy sheets at the back as well as extra pages for illustrations. Because of the copyright at the front, if you choose to go with Book II you may need to get 2 copies if you want the blank lines under the words for the kids to follow.


I like the books in so far as they are time savers. I have difficulty tying them into anything else we are doing b/c the verses are rather random. What I do really like about them is the area given for an illustration. It makes the child have to do a drawing for the verse which spurs their creativity. I really like this aspect as I have some reluctant drawers. It has given them confidence in trying new things and branching out in their drawing abilities.




I can give you more details about the passages and poems that are in them, if you would like. Just let me know.

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