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Logic Safari - do you like these? Are the grade recommendations accurate?


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Countdown with Logic series by Dandylion is very similar to Logic Safari. In fact, both series are by the same author, Bonnie Risby. At least with the Countdown series, the grade levels seemed right on target to me:


- Logic Countdown (gr. 3-4)

- Liftoff with Logic (gr. 4-5)

- Orbiting with Logic (gr. 6-7)


I assume the grade levels are similar for the Logic Safari series. See samples from either series at:


http://www.amazon.com (search by title)


http://www.prufrock.com/ (click on "Thinking Skills", then "Logic & Reasoning")



Enjoy! We really liked these logic books! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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We've enjoyed Lollipop Logic and Primarily Logic, so I'm tempted.


My kids love these. We have Logic Safari & the Connections books. Both series are just the grid-style logic puzzles (like the last section in Primarily Logic) -- basically all the same thing, imo. If you've already done Primarily Logic (and the grid puzzles in there), I would think you could start w/ Book 2 of Logic Safari.


Definite hit here! (And I like these better than the Mind Benders -- which are the same type of puzzles -- because you get 2x as many puzzles for the same price.)


You probably already know this, but the Orbiting with Logic series is a variety of puzzle types (like Primarily Logic is).


Hope that helps a bit....

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