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LIAL's Intermediate Algebra......Do I need the CD?

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I am looking around trying to find the student book and solutions manual used. Some listings are saying the CD is not included. Or the key-code is not included. What is this and do I need it? I also hear about DVTs....are those the CD that I am hearing about being missing? If it's going to be helping me the way Teaching Textbooks does, then yes....I want to make sure it has the CD, but I doubt that is what it is. Any more information would be great. This will be our first time using LIALs. I don't want to keep bothering Jann at home ;o). Thanks.


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Well, I'm not sure about the "cd". I do know that the DVT's are a set of cd's that have videos of teachers teaching each lesson. My ds uses those for the Algebra I course and I know he won't be able to do the Intermediate Algebra without them. The "cd" you're hearing about might be My Math Lab, which is different from the DVT's. I'm not any help about what's on that, though.


If you find out further, let us know!

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they play in the CD-ROM drive of your computer.


I think the DVT's are a good idea; I think they help elaborate quite a bit on the lesson and go through many of the sample problems in the book. So, I believe they're definitely worth your while. I wouldn't say that they're a substitute for reading through the lesson, but I've found that they've helped my girls quite a bit.



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It's been a confusing shopping journey, but I finally ordered my LIAL's today. I bought 7th edition books, but 8th edition DVTs. I hope they correlate somewhat. I just couldn't find the 7th edition DVTs.



addall.com? I don't want to second-guess you, because the 8th edition should work fine with the 7th edition books. However, I found that the 8th edition DVT's were more difficult to use, at least on our computer. The 8th edition works with QuickTime (that's how they "play" the video), and there's some kind of technical "glitch" or gap between the newest version of QuickTime and the 8th ed. DVT's. I think you can call Addison-Wesley's technical department and try to get a "patch", but I found that the 7th edition were easier to use because they "play" or run off of RealPlayer. I own both sets of DVT's, and I'd offer to sell you mine, but my middle daughter is still working through Lial's now. :sad:


Here---I found these on addall.com :




Check out this link; there's quite a few listed. Is it too late for you to return the DVT's from the 8th edition?


BTW, here's the ISBN for the DVT's for the 7th edition: 0-321-09203-1.


I hope you don't feel like I'm pressuring you to return the 8th edition DVT's. It's just that I personally found that the 7th edition set runs more smoothly on our computer, and also the 7th edition will coincide a little better with your algebra text. All that said, though, the 8th edition will also work fine. You just might need to get that patch for QuickTime.


Hope this helps and doesn't confuse the issue for you!

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The 'cd' that is normally listed as comming with the text books is the program cd that allows COMMUNITY COLLEGE students to interface with their instructors--take tests and quizzes and such on the computer and send them to instructor... not any use to us homeschoolers...


PS--I'm never bothered by questions...it gives me a 'teaching fix'...

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If you can find those for me, please let me know.



I have the 8th edition of Intermediate Algebra. I think you said you just ordered yours. You might call Addison-Wesley and ask them for the ISBN's for the 7th edition. Before you trade your 8th edition in, though, I would definitely ask them if they've had any problems with the newest edition working with the newest version of QuickTime. The Intermediate set may be different than the Introductory set, kwim? The obvious benefit of keeping the 8th edition DVT's would be that the examples would correspond better to the examples in the book.


If that doesn't work, ask them if they have the DVT's for the 7th edition, or if they can get the ISBN's for you from the back cover of the 7th edition. That's where I got the ISBN's for you for the Intro. Algebra DVT's.


Does this all make sense, or am I being as clear as mud???


Here are two toll-free numbers to try:








I hope this helps. It may be that the 8th edition DVT's with Intermediate are perfectly fine; the 8th ed. for Intro., though, caused me some headaches with the newest version of QuickTime.


HTH! Send me a PM if you have trouble!

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