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we finally got someone to take our hermit crab that was a Christmas gift to us

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Laast Christmas my sil came over with a gift from her mil for my son. It was a hermit crab (no-one should ever give a child an animal without asking the parents first)! Anyway, we have 7 cats and have never been the type of family that likes pets that come in cages such as birds, fish or hermit crabs. So since we got this gift, we have been trying to give it away. I have had to keep the crab in the bathroom, otherwise the cats keep poking their claws in the cage and even bat the cage around. I didn't want the poor crab to die of shock from seeing 7 giant cat faces staring at him all day long.

Well, we had friends over today and as they were leaving, I casually mentioned would they like a hermit crab. Well, the mom is a school nurse and said that she would to have it in her office at school for the kids. So we said "Happy Mothers Day' and ran and got her the crab's food as they were walking out the door. What a relief.

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