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I feel a little stupid...but need to ask....

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Can I save a public domain book onto a zip drive and take it to Staples or Office Max and have it printed and bound? Is there an easier way to do this? I have found a few books I would like to have a copy of and they are not being printed by Yesterday's Classics or anywhere like that. I was figuring some of you had done that and would know what to do.


I figured I could print it and have it bound, but argh! That would take me all day with my printer. I would rather them do it personally.


Thank you!


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I don't know what Staples or Office Max charges for copies & binding, but Office Depot charges 10 cents/page for B&W. That would make a 250 page book $25.


A few like that, and an e-reader starts to sound like a good investment.


ETA: As far as I know it's legal though.

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