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(Kolbe) Study Guides are they really needed?

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Since the search engine here is not working properly and I really need help with this decision.

This year we were enrolled fully with Kolbe Academy for 9th grade, and did the core courses for History, Lit, Eng., and Theology, everything else we had to tweak because of one thing or another.


We are in the middle of decision making and also looking at our finances. We are looking at a ISP that can take all our children from K-10 and not break our budget. That would mean that we would no longer be with Kolbe, but we want to continue with their theology, literature, and history courses possibly for 10th and up.

I was thinking of just getting their course plans for these subjects and gather the test questions and make a study guide of sorts out that, so when she would have the quarter exams she knows what she needs to study for.


I did buy a few used SG's a couple months back. I did not really go through them when I received them and there is a lot of writing in the spaces from the previous owner, this was not disclosed when I bought them.:sneaky2:

Aside from all the erasing I have to now do now it just dawned on me that I could possibly go without them.


So another question I have if you do the classics with high schoolers and do not do something like Kolbe how do you know what they have retained and how does this get recorded on their transcript? I guess I am so used to having SG's for the books that my kids read that I don't know how to go without especially for high school. So I am all ears.

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