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Foerster Algebra 2/Trigonometry - which edition?

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There are numerous editions of Foerster Algebra and Trigonometry, but few Teacher's editions. Can I use the 1994 editions of both or am I better off with the newer editions? The only teacher's editions available are for 2006 are roughly $150. There seems to be only one solutions manual from 1990 so I am guessing the problems are the same.


Should I get the Graphing Calculator Lab Manual if I am ignorant of how to use a graphing calculator?


Here's what I am doing;


Ds (13) is using Foerster Algebra 1 after 4 years of Saxon. We love it. It makes my job as a teacher so much easier. The older kids are doing Algebra 1 and 2 from Seton for credit. This is Saxon. I am finding that anytime I can substitute explanations from Foerster, things go much better. My work with dd could use the boost of having the second Foerster Algebra book on hand. Foerster seems to eliminate the deer-in-headlights look for my older math-phobes.

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