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I would love some help on my dtr's 9/11 skeds (inside)

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Hi, I am struggling a bit with my scheduling ideas for next year. I have two dtrs that are on the same academic schedule for my convenience and because the younger one is advanced. Both are college-bound.


This year was jammed! I don't want to repeat it....

This year we did:

Henle Latin, Units 1 & 2

A Beka Spanish, Yr 1, half of Yr 1

Videotext Alg 1 for younger / Alg 2 for older

R & S 7th L.A./IEW SWI "C"/Book Club/Lightening Lit Early American

Apologia Biology

Worldview 1 semester course

AWANA Hi Sch Bible Club & Midweek T&T Club Helper

Piano (an easy level/pace)

Snow skiing about 7 school days, working toward P.E. credit


This is my plan for next year - the girls will be 9th/11th:

Henle Latin, Units 3 & 4 I think (Thurs co op)

A Beka Spanish, rest of Yr 1 book (Thurs co op)

Videotext Alg 2 finish for 9th/ Geometry for 11th (Thurs co op)

IEW/Book Club/Literature (Thurs co op for Lit anyway)

Apologia Advanced Biology (Thurs co op)

Spielvogel Human Odyssey World History

AWANA Hi Sch Bible Club & Midweek T&T Club Helper

Piano (an easy level/pace)


I see this as 6 credits: Latin,Spanish,English,Biology,History,Math

I worry our courseload is too much. We put in 8 hour school days this year and were very busy running around as we did a co op class of some sort 3 days a week or more! This coming year, we should do only Thurs co op and book club.


I also have 3 younger children, ages 5-11. Piano is a relaxing extra that we will be keeping. I am thinking of adding swimming 2-3days a week as a P.E. credit. And btw, we are busy as a family 3 nights a week with AWANA and a home Bible study where my dtrs take turns watching younger children.


Sooo, is this just "how it is" for high school; or are we overdoing it. Btw, my kids are *not* self-motivated acadmically oriented students. Rather, they are looking usually to have more fun and less school :).


Thanks - lisaj

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My first thought was - 2 languages. That is just going to take a lot of time! We are only doing one and I can see that adding that extra class would make things very busy!!


My second thought was - coop. We are not involved in a coop so we save time that way as well - though I do wish we were, as I think a good coop would be well worth the extra time investment!


Sooo, is this just "how it is" for high school; or are we overdoing it.
No - I don't think that you are overdoing it. It looks like they are getting an excellent education, but your daughters do spend more time on schoolwork that my daughters have this past year (9th/11th).


Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

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Hi Liza - thanks for much for the feedback.


<:D> We love Latin and Spanish (and both are taught at co op). My oldest dtr thinks she may want to be a translator (maybe as a missionary) which I think is her gift/bent. She is an interesting student as she excels in Lang Arts grammar (the *only* place she really excels too) and is a very poor, unmotivated writer. So that is a keeper.


The other thing is :lol: this past year was our first year of co op and it is turning out to be a much-needed ingredient in *our* high schooling. We have spent most of our 12 years of homeschooling with *no* co ops - and I liked it that way, esp with kids in diapers and such. But I am looking forward to a change in this area. I like the idea of it broadening my high schooler's accountability to others and I like lessening my teaching load of the more time-intensive subjects. And I like the social aspect for my children.


Thanks again, Liza. I hope I get more replies - it helps to know what others are doing. And I'd love to know your schedule for 9th/11th. The credits I am really sweating are P.E. and state history :0). Looks like state history will be during my dtr's senior year.




My first thought was - 2 languages. ...........

My second thought was - coop. We are not involved in a coop so we save time that way as well - though I do wish we were, as I think a good coop would be well worth the extra time investment!QUOTE]

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It seems like high school is so much. Sometimes I feel like I am glued to my van. I just told my dd we had to cut back some for the next few weeks - I am tired. Anyway, for next year here is what we have planned for 11th grade.


Apologia Chemistry (co-op)

Spanish 2 (outside class)

Geometry (she had Algebra 2 this year)

English and History - Sonlight 300 (20th century)

(Also adding in vocab and grammar)


American Sign Language (at the CC)

Art (outside class)

PE - she helps at a gymnastics class for little ones, also does other things


She may take a debating class also, but I think our schedule is getting a little full.



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I think your plan looks eminently reasonable. My 11th grader this year has been doing:


out of the home classes:


AP Latin

AP Comparative Politics & Government




at the community college:


three quarters of composition or literature

three quarters of Geology

successive quarters of College Algebra and Trigonometry


I admire your determination to keep up two languages; I wish we'd been able to do that. My daughter may pick up a second language next year though, perhaps Greek or Arabic(!).




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Here's what they are studying this year...



English---Jump In (maybe changing to IEW), Sequential Spelling, SL Lit.

Math---MUS Epsilon / Zeta

Science---Apologia General Science

Geography---Trail Guide to World Geography

History---Our Empire Story

Latin---Latin Prep 1

French---First Start French

Music---drums with the local pipe band

PE---level 5 competitive gymnastics + coaching younger boys, sailing 2-3 / week Oct-March

Extras---Sea Scouts, paper route



English---Jump In (adding IEW term 4), Sequential Spelling for Adults, SL Lit.

Math---MUS PreAlgebra / Algebra 1

Science---Apologia Biology + Science Roots

Geography---Trail Guide to World Geography

Latin---SYRWTL Latin 1

Music---FLute & Youth Music Concert Band

PE---recreation level gymnastics, sailing 2-3 / week Oct-March

Extras---Young Mariners, Venturer Scouts, volunteer weekly @ SPCA, paper run

PolyTech (like community college)---community gardens class (Horticulture 1) term 2 on TH / F


Our course load is a lot lighter than most I read on the WTM boards, but more than fufills our requirements for HS/ing in NZ. My dc will gain the credits that they need for Uni either through polytech or by completing a year of the NZ Coorespondence School some time between ages 16-18. NZCS is free for us after age 16, before that age it would cost us over $1000 / class! DD just turned 16 last month, so we'll relook at NZCS next year.



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Thanks again, Liza. I hope I get more replies - it helps to know what others are doing. And I'd love to know your schedule for 9th/11th. The credits I am really sweating are P.E. and state history :0). Looks like state history will be during my dtr's senior year.



I know what you mean about fitting in things like State History....here in NY our kids need 1 semester each of Economics, Government and Health, as well as 1 year of Arts and 2 years of PE. So, I split up the PE over 4 years, as it has not been too hard to get in one semester of PE over a full school year.


As for the others - when I planned High School I compared the state requirements with what SWB recommends, thought about my daughter and myself and made a list of classes - maybe it will make more sense if I show you?



Math- TT Alg 1

Science - Apologia Physical

History - year 3 - lots of books, some papers, lots of discussion

English - LL Early Am and British plus grammar and vocab

P.E - .(5 credit)

Fine Arts- Drama at coop, Music (guitar) at home (.5 credit)

Elective - Latin Henle 1 (she had already done Latin in 7th-8th)

Elective - Logic (.5 credit)



Math - TT Alg2

Science - Spectrum Chemistry

History - year 4 - lots of books, some papers, lots of discussion

English - booklist, papers, grammar and vocab

Government - books, papers(.5 credit)

Fine Arts - Art classes for teens at local Art college, guitar (.5 credit)

P.E. - (.5 credit)

Elective - French 1 (LFF)



Math - TT Geometry

Science - None - NY only requires two years.

History - year 1 - lots of books, some papers, lots of discussion

English - Smarr Ancients plus some extra books, papers, grammar review, SAT prep

P.E. - (.5 credit)

Elective - French 2 (LFF 2)

Elective - Philosophy - home made course - lots of books, some papers, lots of discussion


Plan for 12th

English - year 2 books, papers

Economics (.5 credit)

Health (.5 credit)

P.E. - (.5 credit)


After these, everything else is an elective. She could graduate without doing anymore, but will probably add a few more -

Elective - History - year 2 - she wants to do this.

Elective - French 3 (not sure how we will handle this) - she also wants to do this.

Elective - Consumer Math? It would be useful....

Elective - Biology - She could do it because 3 years of Science looks better than 2 on a college application....


We are going to wait to finalize our plans when we see what kind of job and/or volunteer work she can get for next year.


HTH a bit!

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I have a concern about your youngest doing Advanced Biology. My 12th grade daughter just completed this through Apologia and there is an immense amount of memorization. She is going into nursing so she loves this, but if your children are not self-starters this may be a hard one for them. Have they taken Chemistry? This may be more suited to their level.


I agree that it is very difficult to fit in all the extras required for graduation (Economics, Health, American Government, PE). I too applaud you for doing two languages. We are doing Abeka video for Spanish, but are having to do it at a slower pace because of an already heavy workload.


We also used the Spielvogel Western Civ text. We loved it! However, we just switched to American Pageant for American history to get more depth.


Here is what we are doing for 11th grade with my son:

Apologia Physics (have already completed Biology and Chemistry)

Advanced Math/Precalculus (Saxon/Lial)


Spanish II (abeka video)

English Lit (Sonlight)

Grammar (we will review Abeka level IV to help him brush up for ACT)

American History (American Pageant-Kennedy)

Possibly a computer class for my son at the local college.


Best of luck to you!

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Hi Ladies:


First, tbmoran, you mentioned concern for my 9th grader taking Adv Biology.

Academically I am assuming it will be challenging, but she is my "science kid". She is averaging an A on the tests this year for Apologia Biology and both girls do memorize well (when pushed :). She is a much stronger science student then her 10th gr sister and myself. Btw, my dtr will be a *very young* 9th grader next year, her bday is in early September when she will turn 14. That said, I am concerned too :).


Here's my dilemma: the co op we are joining offers only Apologia Biology and Apologia Advanced Biology for the high school level next year. (This past year that is ending they offered Chemistry. So I am "off schedule with the co op line up.) My preference would be to do Chemistry this upcoming year (girls in 9th/11th) and Adv Biology the fllg year (which will be 10th/12th for my dtrs). (I asked earlier on the boards and a few moms said they didn't see any problem in not having the prerequisite Chemistry done first - we did do Rainbow jr high chemistry).


But there are some huge advantages to doing Adv Bio at the co op:

1.) The co op has a great sci/biology teacher there

2.) The girls will have to have a "study hall period" at co op for about 75min every week if we don't do their science class and we'll have to do science at home

3.) I don't have to teach science (which I detest :)

4.) And of course the labs, equipment, etc. will mostly be covered there.


I worry tho, I don't want to overburden the 9th grader. I assume the 11th grader will be overwhelmed (because she struggles at science) but am figuring she has to get thru 3 yrs of science somehow, it will be tough no matter which route we do.


And Linda in NM, I do plan for the girls to have a 6+ hr school day. This will mean our school day is 8:30a-4p with an hour or so off for lunch. The Spanish and Latin pace is not too intense but we still plan to spend an hour a day on each of these. We can prob. condense Latin and Spanish to 45min each if we need to. Piano is 30-40min a day, incl the weekends.


I have to admit I just divide out the coursework over 35-37 weeks then I lay out the day in 1-hr increments in order of importance: Biology, Math, Latin,Spanish,English,History. Whatever isn't finished is homework.


Thanks again for all the replies and schedules. I have to say, it seems most of our schedules have a lot of similarities. Everyone is working on the math, science, history, a language, etc.!


God's best!


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