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Ideas for fun/cheap things to do this summer?

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Here is the scoop. We usually attend a homeschool week at Sandy Cove in North East, MD every year at the beg. July. It is the perfect vacation...kids have fun, lots to do, great place to stay, fabulous speakers each year, and it is only one hour away. Well, this year we were informed that the Lodge had reached max. capacity...not for rooms but for the # of people the conference room could hold! :001_huh: So, we're not going. :glare: Kids are extremely upset as are we. We had plans to go on a vacation w/ dh's father, step-mother and his brother and his family and his sister. That was supposed to happen end of June but we've heard absolutely nothing from any of the family about this since, oh, September? My hunch is...it's not happening. Dh's father was going to foot the bill for accomodations. So, it is highly probably that we will not be going on ANY type of vacation this summer. While my dc are upset...they don't even realize how upset *I* am about this. So, I am looking for some ideas for cheap and fun things to do this summer in lieu of a real vacation. With gas prices the way they are...we won't even be going to my folks house to swim as much as we have in previous summers. AND, since dh didn't put our easy-set pool away properly last fall (hanging over the deck all winter is NOT properly putting it away!), it is probably ruined and thus...no pool here to use. So, hive, any ideas to make lemonade from lemons so to speak?

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Do you camp? We're planning to visit a local (15 min away) campground a few times this summer, to cut driving cost & time and because the kids have been asking. This seems like a pretty nice place, with playground and pool, plus dh can go to work during the day if he can't get vacation days.


What about one of those hotels with an indoor waterpark? Most are around $200 a night, which isn't cheap but you get 2 days of waterpark time with it so it ends up cheaper than other amusement parks.


Google the towns around you for festivals, too. I've stumbled across a bunch of events not too far away so we can just do a lot of day trips.


If there's a decent zoo or children's museum or whatever nearby, check their membership prices. One of our best purchases has been a zoo membership - for $60 we get unlimited admission for a year, to the closest zoo and a hundred others around the country (great when we visit the inlaws or other distant relatives).

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