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Help me plan Year 3 for senior. One semester.

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Can you help me come up with my lit program for next year? It's for Year 3. I need about 6 Great Books, and maybe 3 other, lighter but still good historical fiction books. Ds18 will read the 3 lighter either interspersed with the others or this summer. I also need some resources for actually learning about the plot, doing lit analysis, etc.


I know he should cover Huckleberry, but that's it. I don't think I want to do Uncle Tom's. Also, he will be taking Am. Gov't in CC, so he doesn't need to read Federalist/Anti-Fed Papers, or the Constitution, etc.


Can't someone just do this for me? Whine whine whine ohpooorme.

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LL Early American was a great program!


However, it only covers 4 books, along with short stories and poetry. If you wanted to add a few books (you mentioned 6 Great Books plus 3 lighter ones), you could choose a few from the British program - maybe Frankenstein and Ivanhoe? {Jane Eyre and P&P are definitely girlier, iykwim.} Frankenstein and Ivanhoe are both good reads and he can get any background he needs at Sparknotes or Pink Monkey.


Lighter titles...do you want them to be related to Year 3? Sonlight Lit 130 has a good list of easy American historical fiction, though most of the titles seem later that the time period covered in year 3.


If I can think of a particular title I will be back later.

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