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What kind of testing ....

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I am trying to figure out what kind of testing my DD 11 should go through in order to look for LDs, dyslexia etc. Is this neuropsych testing? or psycho educational testing?


What is the difference?


Thanks for any help.


Thanks for asking this question. I'm wondering the same thing about my DD 10 and DS 10. It is all rather confusing.:confused:

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Wondering where you all are located. Do you have a state homeschooling conference where you could find resources? Would your pediatrician be able to recommend someone? I know here in CO we have a couple of names of people and places where we can go. It took some research online to find things local. My daughter was in the public school, so she was tested there, but we also did some testing at the STAR Center. Hope this helps.

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Ed psych testing only does the IQ and achievement testing to see where the child is academically. Some have been trained to do further testing including dyslexia, but not all. Neuro psych evals look for physical reasons why someone is doing something. They are very helpful for children on the autism spectrum and such. Well, actually they can be very helpful for most children because they look at a much wider range of possibilities.


I agree that you should start with your child's pediatrician. They will most likely have to send referrals to the other professionals for you to see them. You will need to prepare a list of concerns and be very specific about them. Even the quirky ones. From there the pediatrician will make further referrals. They will likely start at the easiest places like the ed psych, occupational therapy, and so on. If no answers are found there, then they move to the next level.


While you are looking, take time to read the information about visual processing difficulties at www.covd.org. Sometimes vision plays a very important part in diagnosis and remediation of learning disabilities. Even a child with 20/20 vision can have problems with tracking, convergences, and depth that make learning more difficult.

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Around here a developmental optometrist eval. to check for the eye problems that affect learning is 1/10th the cost of a neuropsych eval. We did the developemental optometrist first, and that's what I would recommend. If you don't think there are any problems, simply have them do a regular exam and screen for things. If they see issues there, then they could dig further. And after you've done that, THEN go get the neuropsych/edpsych evaluation for what's left.

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