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I need the VOTE of the HIVE! Help me win this!!!

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Hi WTM friends!


OK, if there is anywhere I can go to win this, it is here! I have seen the power of the HIVE! LOL :lol:


My daughter and I spent the better part of this afternoon making a video entry for this company called HopScout that does product reviews. It is a job, and since it is an Internet based company, their hiring process involves a video that will interest their viewers. All I need you to do is FOLLOW THIS LINK: http://apps.facebook.com/involver_krohuevx/feature/1572247/content/233753247 to facebook and click "vote"!


If you really want to help me, I would also appreciate you forwarding this to some of your friends. I only have until Friday, so PLEASE VOTE!!! :)


OH, and think of it as your chance to get a homeschooler on the board. :)


Thanks so much!!!




PS I see someone had trouble. If you have trouble, try this link...




Just search for Hopscout on FACEBOOK and click on my name Michelle Przeslawski.



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