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"Understanding the US Constitution"


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My 13 yo. dd is working through a really great activity book, called "Understanding the US Constitution". They take the student through all parts of the Constitution, and have them read the actual portion, followed by an explanation, ending with a worksheet. The questions ask students to define specific vocabulary, list details like, "What 5 freedoms does the 1st amendment guarantee?" "Why have there been amendments to the Constitution?" "When was the most recend amendment and what was it?" "What is a grand jury?" "What is double jeopardy?" "Which amendment protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures?"

The book is listed as appropriate for grades 5-8+, but I think it is best suited for 7th gr. and up, since the language can be difficult.


My dd is really enjoying the activities, and she feels she has learned a lot. :001_smile:

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