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Michigan law - proposed change

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In OR it's still 7yo. You know in some of the wealthiest European countries (Norway, Sweden.. one of those) you can not put a child in school before the age of 7 or maybe it's 8.... I think they are onto something!


Yes, but they also have government-subsidized child care, so working parents aren't paying full price (which can run to thousands of dollars a month for decent care in some parts of the country) for 7 long years of full-time daycare for each child ;)


I do agree that we start academics too young in the US (I personally do not approve of the WTM command to teach reading in pre-K) but the reality is that working parents rely on public school to take care of their children during the day. I live in a town that has 1/2 day kindergarten, and it's a nightmare for working parents: the only option is a private nanny so that the child can be at the bus stop.

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