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Anyone here ever do Apologia Biology *before* Physical Science?

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A friend of mine, a homeschool co-op science teacher, says that she thinks the usual order should be reversed (Biology, then Physical Science) because of the math skills needed in Physical Science. She says that it goes smoother if kids take Algebra 1 *before* Physical Science.


Just wondering what you all think about that.

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Hmmm, I don't know. Going from biology to physical science with the Apologia books would be a step back, IMO. My 13-yo is doing physical science this year concurrently with Alg. 1. Really, he's having no problem with the formulas. They are explained well and Alg. 1/2 was a sufficient foundation. Also, the level of memorization (and very basic chemistry) steps up quite a bit in Apologia biology.


I know there is an argument nowadays about changing the order for high school science. I'll keep the order we've done (until I'm convinced otherwise) as it will allow my ds to take 2 or 3 AP science classes (or spend a year doing marine science or research).


Have a great day!


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Apologia's Physical Science was that terribly difficult. My middle daughter is working through algebra right now and was able to complete it just fine.


On the other hand, Apologia Biology was quite a step up from the Physical Science text. There is a lot of memorization in Apologia Biology! It was a challenging class for my oldest daughter, to be sure (although not as difficult as chemistry, which she just finished). But, she spent a lot of time studying and memorizing material for the tests.


I think there can be a good reason for reversing the order of h.s. science---there was a discussion just a week or two ago about this:




However, with the Apologia books, I would recommend doing Physical Science before Biology.



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with the Physical Science text, but my ds used Apologia Biology in the 9th grade after using Rainbow Science in middle school. He did fine with the Biology, but as one of the other posters said, there is quite a bit of memorization.


If you think your child is ready for Biology, then I'd say to go for it, and then move on to Chemistry provided that they completed Algebra 1 before beginning Chemistry. I don't see any need to go back and do Physical Science.




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