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The Astronomy of Passover

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The Full Moon is next Sunday evening, April 17, for observers in the Americas. That evening at sundown is the start of 14 Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, or Passover. Most people today do not realize that the Bible teaches that Passover falls on the first Full Moon of spring. You can follow the waxing gibbous Moon over the next few nights, and observe the coming of Passover in the evening sky. Here's some more info:



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Happy Passover, alpidarkomama. Question for you, as I am just an ignorant Gentile trying to understand. I read in Exodus 12 and Numbers 28 that the Passover is on the 14th day. The latter chapter also says that the 15th is the first day of unleavened bread. I see different modern Jewish sources that say either 14 Nisan or 15 Nisan for Passover. Not sure if this is because the modern Jewish calendar is tabulated in advance rather than based on sightings of the New Moon at Jerusalem, as was in Biblical times, or maybe there is something else. Can you help me understand?

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Numbers 28:17 - "And on the fifteenth day of this month shall be a feast; seven days shall unleavened bread be eaten. "

I believe the 14th was when the lamb was sacrificed and it was eaten on the 15th. The Jewish days always start in the evening, so this SUNDAY night (ie tomorrow night) and Monday are the 14th of Nissan; Monday night and Tuesday are the 15th.


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