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Being new to these boards I am amazed at the thought of......

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I am fairly new to these boards after homeschooling for 13 years and it never occcured to me to combine or supplement math programs! Every year we seem to struggle to fit the child to the math program or find something to help my dd's who just are math challenged. After reading so many post about math I find that many families combine programs and it is a new concept for me! I am so glad that I finally took the time to read the posts and find out what others are doing and how different programs work and how to use the strengths of different ones to help reinforce things. Anyway, now I feel so dumb that I just never thought of that and think of all the frustration I may have avoided with my older girls. Thanks everyone for your posts--I plan keep reading and learning!

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I know what you mean! After reading some of the recent math posts I've decided to supplement our math with another program.


I know TWTM recommends using worksheets from another program to check progress, I just never thought to actually do it until I started reading here.

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We've always used more than one program (Singapore and something else). Sometimes one program reinforces the other. Sometime one program teaches a concept in a way that is easier to understand than the other program. Sometimes the other program adds just the right amount of practice. And sometimes, the programs don't match up at all in regards to scope and sequence. I'm glad we've done it this way, but I think when we get to Algebra, we will use only one program.



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