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Does the Handwriting Without Tears site offer discounts of any kind?

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They offer discounts to people living in certain states (because they have special discounts to the school districts in those states). If you open the "order form" on the hwtears website, they list the states that get those discounts. (at least, that's how they used to do it -- it's been a couple years since I ordered from them)


FYI, you can get most of the HWT materials from Rainbow Resource catalog/website. They offer slightly discounted pricing.

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I have been searching for the same and, so far, this is all I have been able to find.

Utility Wood Pieces For Capital Letters $14.95 + $5.75 shipping

This set is made for economy. Some pieces may have small defects. They do not effect the strength or use of the piece. There may be a small hollow on the edge of the piece that doesn't show until after it has been cut. All pieces are smoothly sanded. Use these with the Handwriting Without Tears program. This set includes 26 pieces to form and teach the upper case letters of the alphabet. Six little lines, 6 small curves, 6 large curves, and eight big lines. The size of the pieces are the same as HWT.


They charge $19.95 for the 'non-utility' wood pieces which I assume are exactly the same as sold on the HWT site.


It's not a huge savings but I hope this helps. If you find any other savings for HWT please post.



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