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Need opinions about Audible.com and more mp3 questions

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My sweet DH got me a Zen mp3 player today for my birthday...after installing the software on it, it took me to audible.com with a free 30 day trial. DH says to be careful with things like that because sometimes they will go ahead and charge your credit card even if you cancel the membership. I'd like to know if anyone here has done this and what your experience was like. Also, how does audible work (what is the cost of audio book?)


I can download audiobooks through our library, so should I just not even worry about audible.com right now?


Also what other sites can you recommend for music, video and/or audiobook downloads?



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I've gotten lots of audiobooks from there. I loved it when I had a monthly membership, but I don't do that anymore. Now I have some kind of annual thing that allows me to get a discount on the prices of the books, but no "credits."


The prices of the books are variable depending on the length of the books, I think. What is your one-month trial? How many credits does it give you? Most books are 1 credit, so if your trial gave you two, you could get two books, probably. Then I imagine you get a discount so you could download as many as you want for that month for a pretty good price. They will charge your card at the end of the month, so you'd have to remember to cancel it.


If you're not ready to deal with all that right now, I'd skip it and just use the library. Then, if you run across some books that you'd like to own on audio, you could see if Audible has them and maybe activate your trial membership at that point.

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I had a subscription for two years and have now gone to the annual membership thing, as we're tightening our financial belts.


I've had great success accessing good quality books through audible. I did not have a free trial month, so I don't know about canceling it, but it was easy to change my subscription when I decided to.

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I have a monthly subscription to Audible, although I may change to annual after reading the other posts. I really love it, but it is similar in expense to buying regular books (and no resale value!). I don't think there would be any problem cancelling a subscription. You just go into your account online to do that. Have you visited the website? Lots of books to choose from!


Audible has different ways of subscribing. They describe the different subscription options on the website. You can browse there for information.


One nice thing I have heard about Audible is that they will keep a record online of the books you have purchased forever, even if you unsubscribe. That means you can re-download any book if you lose one. I don't think other websites do this for you.

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He gets a daily download of the Wall Street Journal digest for free, and he says he's learned so much just from that. The premium package lets you download a whole bunch of books for something like $9 a book. We usually use those credits for unabridged books that would normally cost a lot more than $9 for the audio.


Dh tends to conk out when he sits down to read at night (after staring at a computer screen at work all day), and he has a hard time getting his back in a comfortable position to read (he has a funky form of scoliosis). Audible has been a godsend for him -- he's able to "read" books during his commute that he wouldn't otherwise be able to enjoy. He's also downloaded some great stuff for the kids, and some Jane Austen for me. :D


I also like the fact that they have some pretty long audio samples, which enable you to hear a reader doing multiple character voices and to get a feel for the overall audio quality.


Just be prepared. It's rather addicting!

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