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Anyone here know much about DVD recorders/burners? Two questions...

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My Toshiba DVD recorder (1 year old) absolutely died this week. :( I use it a lot, recording educational programs and movies, and I have to replace it ASAP. I am not at all techno-savvy, so I need a bit of help here!


1) I have several DVDs (DVD-R & DVD-RW) that have been recorded but not finalized. Now the the old recorder has died, will I be able to finalize those DVDs in my new recorder or in a computer DVD burner, or will I have to pitch them? :eek:


2) Can you recommend a good DVD recorder that is reasonably priced -- say, in the $150 ballpark? I know that "good" is a relative term, so if you have a recommendation, please tell me which features it has that make it "good". I have DirecTV satellite programming, so I would not necessarily need a DVD recorder with a built-in tuner.



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I think we're talking about two different things?? I don't want to reuse a DVD-R; I want to "finalize" it so it can be played in DVD players other than the one that recorded it. In my now-defunct DVD recorder (and I assumed it was the same with others), once a disc is recorded, it can only be played in the same machine that recorded it unless it has been finalized. I have several DVDs that have been recorded but not finalized, so as they are, they will not play in any other machine. I'm hoping I won't have to toss them, but that I can finalize them in another machine so I can play them in other machines.

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