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Waldorf/CM Curriculum for Kindergarten/Pre-K!


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Thanks to Woolybear who pointed the way to this on another thread. This looks like a fun, easy program and I'm planning on using it myself next year for Kindergarten.


If you like Waldorf or Charlotte Mason this is worth looking at. Very loosely structured, just a couple book suggestions and some simple coordinating handcrafts, recipes, and field trip ideas. Nice record and planning sheets are included as well. Best of all it's FREE.


Similar to Waldorf in that it is organized around the seasons, focuses on holidays, and has the neat handcrafts and recipes. Similar to CM with books, poetry, picture study, and a narration/journal page.


The book choices look really good; lots of classic stories and not over the top with fairies and gnomes. :001_smile: You just need some math to make it a complete K program (we'll be adding Bible stories too).


Wee Folk Art Curriculum


Click on each box then the title under the big photo to see each season's 12-week plans in PDF.

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Thank you so much. I was looking for something to do until we officially start K in a few months and this is great. We started yesterday and the kids are enjoying it a lot. We are substituting all the books because no libraries around here have them but it's working fine anyway. I really love that it's a curriculum that my younger two can also easily follow along with as well. I won't be using it as my full K curric. but definately intend to include it with what I already have planned.

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