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IBST ? - Advice on scheduling for first timer.

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I have one that will be doing her test orally and three that are using 4th grade and up.


I am thinking of doing first part of olders, give them a break while I do 2nd grade test, first part, second part olders, second part younger.


Is this the best way or can someone give me advice or recommendations? Prior, I always used W-J at someone's home.

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You're plan sounds similar to the way I do it here. This year I had one kidlet doing the oral (k), the 5th and 8th graders could be administered together then I had a ninth grader that had to be seperate so we just kept rotating until it was done. It took me longer to get done than in years past, I think we started on a Tuesday and didn't really finish until the next Tuesday but we also never worked past noon because I wanted them to be fresh for it.


Since you haven't given it before can I give you some advice unrelated to your question? When you are giving the oral part to your second grader, don't watch the answers she marks! I had to remind myself of this after a few questions with my little guy this year - it's best to look away. If I watch I tend to think - "Hey you should know that one, you knew it yesterday!" (LOL) For me, I just look away and never check their answers, just wait for the results which are always just fine.


Hope your testing goes smoothly.

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