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McGuffey's Eclectic Speller


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I used it a few years ago with a very reluctant speller that I was tutoring. He was in the 4th grade. We started at the beginning to get his self esteem up (at least, that was what I told him... but he was a really, really bad speller so I wanted to start at the beginning anyway!)


I found the lists to be too long for a single week. At the beginning, I'd just pick and chose 10 from the first few lists, and we'd do them for the week. Monday he had to copy down each word 3 times, Tuesday was a word search or other game where he could see the word, Wednesday was a "quiz" and he had to copy down any words he got wrong 3 times again, Thursday was a crossword puzzle or another game where he could NOT see the word before he entered it in, and Friday was the test.


As the lessons got harder and I didn't want to skip words, I would just have each lesson go for 2 weeks or however long until all the words were done.


I used software from Schoolhouse Technologies to make the worksheets, but there's no reason you can't make your own using excel or graph paper or something.


I don't know how other people use it, but this is how we did. This child LOVED history so we were pretending to do a historic spelling curriculum, to get him interested.

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